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How important is the UPS emergency power supply for medical use!
How important is the UPS emergency power supply for medical use!

The hospital is a special and relatively complex environment with many internal institutions, so it is very important to configure UPS emergency power supply. UPS can effectively prevent the impact on medical equipment caused by instantaneous current impact, sudden power failure or sudden stop of work.

How important is UPS battery system for medical use? Do you understand?



With the rapid development of medical technology, medical equipment is constantly updated, some high-quality, high-end equipment is more and more used in clinical. And these advanced equipment have higher and higher requirements for power supply system. All kinds of sensitive electronic components in the equipment need continuous and stable 3 phase UPS system.

At present, there are many unstable factors in the public power system. For example, the grid voltage is sometimes high, low, surge, impact and sudden interruption, which seriously affect the safe operation of medical equipment, and even damage the equipment and cause serious economic losses. Therefore, the use of UPS has become the key to protect important equipment. At present, most hospitals have equipped some important equipment with corresponding high capacity UPS power supply.

Configuration requirements of ups in hospital:

1.When it is difficult to use dual power supply, modular ups system backup power supply should be set up and can automatically switch within 1 minute.

2.The power consumption in clean operating room should be separated from auxiliary discharge power supply, and the main line of each operating room must be laid separately.

3.The power for clean operation department shall be supplied from the power distribution center of the building.

At the same time, in the hospital, the functions of each part are different, and the power supply load is also different; according to the "Civil Code" configuration reference specification, the hospital configuration of UPS can be considered from five aspects:

1.ensure the treatment and life safety of patients

2.Reduce economic losses

3.Prevent hospital work paralysis

4.Ensure the personal and property safety of patients and doctors

5.The configuration is moderate and the operation is economical and reasonable

Application of UPS in hospital

In addition to the operating room, emergency room, intensive care unit and baby room, UPS UPS UPS system solution can also provide normal operation support for the following environments:

1.Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scanning instruments - medical imaging services are very important for first aid and surgical procedures. Users expect reliable and transparent access to data, so it is not easy to ensure that images and result data can be accessed at any time.

2.The medical image can be stored continuously through PACS.

3.The nursing stations and administrative support - power outages have a direct impact on patient care systems. If there is ups support, hospitals will have to adopt manual processes, which require double staff to maintain minimum service levels, increasing the risk of medication and dietary errors.

Centralized management of hospital medical system has become a development trend. In particular, the application of digital medical system makes medical institutions have a sound information database, which greatly facilitates the doctor's diagnosis and patient self-examination, and realizes fast and effective service.

Aerospace Baykee is a well-known supplier of lithium battery UPS emergency power supply in the industry. It provides a wide range, comprehensive and best UPS protection solutions for hospital. From computer UPS battery, home UPS system to complex medical UPS devices, our UPS, services and solutions give you peace of mind.



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