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MP31 serija 3/1 faza izvor prekida napajanja
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MP3100 Series 3/1 phase online ups is online double conversion low frequency UPS. This ups is 3 faza 1 phase out, from 6kva to 60kva, input voltage can be 380vac/400vac/415vac or Optional 200vac/208vac/220vac as clients’ need. As mentioned, this type of low frequency ups suit for the non-linear load like air-conditioner, motors, printers, and some other manufacturing field. MP3100 Series 3/1 phase online ups is widely used in telecom, bank, security, transporting, utility, manufacture, industry, commerce, government, medical equipment etc.

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1.LED+LCD display, make the operation easier via LCD panel 2.Low frequency true online double-conversion technology 3.Advanced digital circuit system design, increase the ups stability 4.Advanced & Intelligent battery management, extend the battery life 5.Intelligent inspection system, inspect all kinds of ups work status 6.SMD technique, improve the circuit reliability and running precision 7.IGBT PWM inverter technology, provide the highest quality output power, efficiency is higher to 92% 8.Static bypass operation, provide safe failure to mains if ups is overloaded or develops a fault 9.Manual bypass operation 10.256 real time event log with detailed parameters 11.Standard RS232 & RS485, optional dry contacts or SNMP card for remote control. 12.Excellent load characters, Fulfill saltus from 0-100% without switching to bypass, safeguard stable output 13.Input & output voltage, battery charge & discharge, temperature, short Circuit and overload etc. protections 14.Different working mode for choose: UPS, ECO, or Inverter Work Mode 15.Auto restart function 16.Perfect generator compatibility 17.EPO & surge protection 18.Optional Battery detecting module 19.Optional N+1 Redundancy Parallel, increase system’s reliability

MP3100 Series 3/1 phase online ups internal structure. High capacity transformer inside, Intelligent IGBT, inverter boards, main boards, and use the well-known high quality switch like DELIXI, INFINI, itd, all the components inside can be customer specified brand.

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A: Mi smo Kina vodeća prozora&solarni sustav Proizvođač, 11 years experience in producing and marketing ups & solarni proizvodi. 100% Pregled QC prije otpreme. Najbolja kvaliteta & Najbolja usluga s konkurentnom cijenom. Dobra usluga nakon prodaje: 2 years warranty and if possible we provide on-site installation and repairing All of our products have the CE certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, TLC provjera autentičnosti, and Chinese energy conservation certification Market covers the 100 gradovima i zemljama širom svijeta. Imati podružnicu u Pakistanu, Australija, itd.


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