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BAYKEE Data Center Successfully Serves BAYKEE Qihang Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing
BAYKEE Data Center Successfully Serves BAYKEE  Qihang Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing

Recently, Aerospace Baykee data center online UPS solution has taken another step forward, successfully settled in Qihang’s new energy commercial vehicle parts production base, empowering China’s smart manufacturing.

In order to innovate business models and provide more customized services to more customers, Qihang Automobile continues to deepen its transformation to "automobile + Internet", and constantly builds core competitiveness: such as smart factories and big data. Production, assembly, management, services, etc. are all transformed to the direction of intelligence; In terms of big data, on the one hand, building the database, and on the other hand, customers are accurately marketed based on the massive data generated by customers' online consumption.

Behind the intelligent production, management, and marketing is the carrying and transmission of massive data. It is imperative to have an efficient, stable and energy-saving data center. After rigorous screening, Qihang Automobile finally selected Aerospace Baykee as its intelligent partner.

The Aerospace Baykee technical team has visited the site many times, focusing on the actual needs of customers, and customized the BK-IMC series of pool-level micro-module data center online UPS solutions for them. The solution is extremely intelligent, flexible, and safe. Both energy-saving properties are recognized by the majority of users, which have been widely used in municipal engineering, finance, education, medical, industry, transportation and other industries.

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