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Aerospace Baykee Won the Award of Excellence of the First Digital Twin Smart Scene Visualization Development Competition
Aerospace Baykee Won the Award of Excellence of the First Digital Twin Smart Scene Visualization Development Competition

Recently, the first Digital Twin Smart Scene Visualization Development Contest came to a close. The contest lasted three months. This competition is a gathering of talents, and the participants are the best in various fields. Aerospace Baykee became one of the six award-winning teams and won the award of excellence.

The judges of this competition are composed of experts from China Industrial Internet Research Institute, China Information and Communication Research Institute, The Z-Park Internet of Things (IOT) Industry Alliance and other units to ensure the professionalism of the competition. This competition helped the creative ideas of industry technology innovation and smart application scenarios to be implemented, and effectively promoted the digital innovation process in the field of Internet of Things.

With the development of technology, more and more companies are participating in the development of smart application scenarios, and 3D visualization technology has increasingly become an essential skill for companies. The participating project of the Aerospace Baykee is the "Fire Intelligent Evacuation System". The system realizes the hierarchical visualization of building and indoor fire-fighting equipment by using building 3D visualization, focusing on fire-fighting linkage intelligent evacuation, integrating dynamic fire-fighting buried lights, scene hierarchical simulation, defining fire-fighting plans, and building fire-fighting equipment hierarchical display.

From building indoor and outdoor construction to Omni-directional 3D scene and first-person perspective simulation, Baykee's system realizes the simulation of intelligent evacuation when a fire occurs in the building. At the same time, the safe evacuation sign of the Aerospace Baykee intelligent evacuation system can adjust the direction according to the plan and the fire intensity to guide a safe and quick escape route, so as to minimize the heavy loss caused by the fire.

In the future, Aerospace Baykee will continue to improve its independent innovation capabilities, and fully integrate digital technology into scientific research, production and operations, to make positive contributions to promoting industrial development.

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