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Aerospace Baykee Achieved Success in SSNEC PV and Smart Energy Exhibition
Aerospace Baykee Achieved Success in SSNEC PV and Smart Energy Exhibition

The 2021 Shanghai Photovoltaic Expo was held in Shanghai. Shanghai Photovoltaic Expo is the world's most influential international, professional and large-scale photovoltaic event. This annual photovoltaic feast brought together elite enterprises from around the world, authoritative experts from academia and tens of thousands of professional exhibitors to discuss the development of the photovoltaic industry. Baykee brought a number of star products to the exhibition. Old customers met again and new customers visited. We had in-depth exchanges and discussions on industry hotspots and technical issues. This exhibition is a good opportunity for external display, which can let more merchants know directly about Baykee.

The main products of Baykee's PV exhibition include the following products:

Portable lithium battery:

The most popular Portable lithium battery energy storage system:

Have to carry an overweight generator to repair the base station,?

In road construction, noise from power generation equipment keeps disturbing people around?

Want to eat hot, freshly cooked food while camping?

You can choose Aerospace Baykee portable lithium battery energy storage system: It is small, portable and noiseless,

Have the BMS battery management system,

Real-time monitoring and protection of lithium batteries, which are safe and reliable. At the same time, it has photovoltaic mode, which can better provide customers with green and clean, efficient and safe output energy.

SI series home used lithium energy storage inverter:

LCD liquid crystal display which supports high-definition touch screen display module.

Pure sine wave output.

Supports WIFI intelligent monitoring system

MPPT maximum power tracking solar power.

It can work at 45℃ working environment more than 8 hours at 90% load(4.5KW)

Perfect compatibility of the lithium battery system.

It can use several in parallel to extend the backup time.

Strong overload capacity: 125% 60s; 150% 1s.

TYN-M series modular type on-grid and off-grid hybrid solar inverter:

This series on-grid and off-grid solar inverter, its maximum power capacity in parallel machine can reach 800kW;

It adopts a hybrid micro-grid system of solar, mains, storage batteries, and generators, which can directly carry the load in off-grid mode and maximize the use of solar energy; and its "hot-swappable" performance does not need to be shut down when damaged, and other modules can Continue to work to minimize losses and greatly facilitate maintenance.

With the intensification of environmental problems, lithium batteries have become the future battery trend. The Aerospace Baykee BK-BFP series lithium battery pack has the advantages of high energy density, high conversion efficiency, no pollution, long life, and wide operating temperature range. And the intelligent BMS management system greatly improves the safety of UPS.

As a company engaged in research and development of cutting-edge power technology under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, we strive to provide users with better products and solutions that are more in line with actual needs. We actively practice the concept of sustainable development, promote the development of green and clean energy, and adhere to the quality of aerospace !

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